Emmy Ibison

emsi emmy ibison

Retiring at the end of 2007, Emmy finished her career as Assistant National Coordinator for Incident Business Practices, Forest Service Fire and Aviation Management, Washington Office. In this capacity, she was responsible for providing guidance, leadership, and interagency coordination in applying and interpreting emergency authorities, and policies in all administrative program areas, including human resources, appropriation law, legal and personal compensation claims, procurement, and property management.

Throughout her service, Emmy worked in various Incident Command System positions, from firefighter to Finance/Administration Section Chief (FSC) on a variety of emergency incidents. Serving as the Forest Service representative on the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) Incident Business Practices Working Team, Emmy developed and implemented interagency incident business policy. As a Type 1 Incident Business Advisor (IBA), she coordinated between agency administrators and IMTs on business related issues and conducted incident reviews and evaluations. Displaying a diversity of experience, Emmy also worked as a Park Ranger and volunteered with the Peace Corps, teaching agriculture and forestry in the Philippines.

With her training and development knowledge and experience, Emmy has participated in the development and delivery of a wide array of ICS courses. Her expertise and experience on Incident Management Teams was evident as she served on the steering committees for the NWCG Advanced Incident Management (S520) and Area Command (S620) courses. Responsible for coordinating, developing, and evaluating training for Type 1 Incident Management and Area Command Teams, Emmy also served as a course Unit Leader, Instructor, Team Coach, and Evaluator. As a lead instructor, she skillfully coordinated a Finance/Admin Section Chief course taught to high-ranking government officials in India as part of an overall program to integrate ICS into the Indian Disaster Response System. She was also part of a small cadre that developed a course and conducted an I-Suite (incident base automation software program) training workshop for Indian government officials in New Delhi.

Although retired, Emmy still stays active in incident management by providing training, mentoring, and coaching to current and aspiring Finance/Admin Section Chiefs and Incident Business Advisors.
Emmy has a B.S. in Sociology from Montana State University. She additionally held certifications as a Type 1 Finance/Administration Section Chief and Type 1 Incident Business Advisor.