Jeff Scussel

emsi cadre jeff scussel

After over 40 years of government service, Jeff retired from the United States Forest Service as an Assistant Director for Fire, Aviation and Air Management in Missoula, MT, with specific Regional responsibilities for Training, Workforce Development, Safety, Emergency Medical Support, and Claims/Litigations. His response experience began early in his career in Operations before he re-directed his career to the planning function, where he gained over 27 years experience as a Planning Section Chief (PSC). With his Type 1 Incident Management Team, Jeff has responded to numerous large fires, hurricanes, tornados, floods, and a variety of smaller, localized incidents.

Beginning with his instructional activities in fire and all hazard management in the late 1970s, Jeff has taught all of the various Planning, Operations, and Safety classes throughout the United States. As a subject matter specialist for the Planning Function, he became an instructor at the National Advanced Fire & Resource Institute (NARTC/NAFRI) in 1993. During a long-term detail to the Washington, D.C., in 1994, Jeff was instrumental in helping FEMA, along with other Federal Agencies incorporate ICS, into National Disaster Management. He has served as a FEMA Planning Specialist, including during the North Dakota floods in 1996, and was the Safety Coordinator for wildland fire resources during hurricanes Katrina and Rita. During the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, Jeff spent seven weeks advising and coaching government and industry responders on incident management in St Petersburg and Miami, Florida, and Saint Bernard Parish, Louisiana.

Continuing to improve response efforts, Jeff served as the USFS Northern Regions Representative to the National Fire Operations Risk Management Council and worked as the council’s co-chair. Additionally, he was the Forest Service Management Representative to the Emergency Medical Standards Group of the Safety and Health Working Team and was a member of the Regional Safety and Health Leadership Team.

Indicative of his expertise, Jeff has earned certifications as a Type 1 Planning Section Chief (PSC), Type 2 Operations Section Chief (OSC), Safety Officer, Technical Specialist in Safety, and Type 3 Incident Commander. Jeff holds a degree in Forestry from Northern Arizona University and spent the bulk of his U. S. Forest Service career in Forest Management and Leadership.