Mary Ann Szymoniak

emsi cadre mary ann szymoniak

Mary Ann worked for the US Forest Service for 32 years, retiring in 2009 from the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) as the FS National Incident Business Practices Program Manager; responsible for development and implementation of incident business policy and procedures. During her career she worked in a variety of ICS positions in Planning and Finance including Type II Plans Chief; Type 1 Incident Business Advisor; and Finance Chief/Plans Chief for National Fire Use Management teams. She served as the Business Lead for the I-Suite (Incident automation) software application and Communications Director for the ROSS (resource ordering) application.

Mary Ann has a variety of training development and instruction experience including serving as an instructor for Planning Section Resource Unit Leader, Documentation Unit Leader and Demobilization Unit Leader; course development and instructor for Finance Section Chief and Incident Business Advisor; and course development and instructor for Emergency Support Function 4 courses (ESF4 – Firefighting). She was an instructor for a Finance/Admin Section Chief course taught to high-ranking government officials in India as part of an overall program to integrate the ICS system into the Indian Disaster Response System, and she was coordinator and lead instructor for a small cadre that developed a course and conducted an I-Suite training workshop for Indian government officials in New Delhi.

Mary Ann is a trained facilitator and has managed a variety of meetings including national interagency conferences; strategic planning sessions; public meetings; and organizational development.

Since retirement, Mary Ann has worked with the National Wildfire Coordinating Group Incident Business Committee as a consultant; taught Finance Section Chief for the State of Idaho; coordinated and updated the Incident Business Advisor Training Course; and represented Finance on several Fire Cost Reviews.
Mary Ann has a Bachelor’s Degree from Eastern Oregon State College.