Amanda Klunder

Amanda Klunder EMSI's Operation Assistant
Operations Assistant

Currently serving as Operations Assistant with EMSI, Amanda joined our company in 2014, bringing 16 years of business operations experience to our team. Prior to joining EMSI, Amanda provided Northern Virginia companies with accounting services, bill collecting and business development. In these capacities, she was responsible for converting legal billable hours into client invoices, overseeing payable and receivable accounts, and developing new business with existing clients through the identification of client needs and marrying them to existing company products that could increase their productivity and effectiveness.

Indicative of her knowledge and experience, Amanda has become a jack of all trades in EMSI. As the Operations Assistant, she serves as the primary point of contact for our 100+ instructor cadre, responsible for coordinating and deconflicting cadre assignments for the myriad of courses, workshops, exercises, and consulting events worldwide. Additionally, Amanda manages many of the supporting elements of an event’s lifecycle, to include ordering all necessary course materials and maintaining a historical and current record of students by activity. She also compiles all activity evaluations from courses, workshops, and exercises into succinct reports for our clients that enable them to identify opportunities for improvement during future responses and the return on their investments with EMSI.

As part of EMSI’s business marketing team, Amanda has significantly expanded our electronic reach. As webmaster, she was critical to the recent overhaul of EMSI’s website to make it more functional and user friendly. She additionally helped to create, EMSI’s online storefront, where field tested and battle approved goods and training are offered for responders. Her business marketing savvy is evident through our social media products, broadening our audience and enabling EMSI to better advertise across social media platforms, to include FacebookTwitterLinkedin, as well as an EMSI blog and email newsletter distribution.

Amanda continues to expand her knowledge of the Incident Command System in support of our instructors and clients.  She recently completed ICS-100, Introduction to ICS; ICS-200, Basic ICS; ICS-300, Intermediate ICS; ICS-400, Advanced ICS; IS-700, National Incident Management System (NIMS); and IS-800, National Response Framework.