EMSI History

Since our inception in 2000, EMSI has been a recognized national and international leader in incident management and emergency management services and solutions.  Specializing in multiple aspects of incident management and emergency management, EMSI has developed an unparalleled reputation for expertise in the application of the Incident Command System (ICS) for all-risk, all-hazard, multi-discipline incidents and is recognized as a global leader in ICS training.


Chuck Mills Introducing the first edition BIR
Chuck Mills

Founded by experts in the Incident Command System and emergency management, EMSI has a unique connection to the origins of ICS.  Many of our cadre were involved in the creation and original implementation of ICS during the 1970s and 1980s, to include one of our founders, Chuck Mills, who was a member of the original FIRESCOPE program.  Chuck served on the FIRESCOPE Technical Team during the development process and later on the FIRESCOPE Task Force to assist with the implementation of ICS and MACS. He was one of the first Type 1 Incident Commanders and additionally led one of the first Incident Management Teams designed around ICS.  This connection to the creation of ICS is forged in EMSI’s culture through an unmatched understanding of the design intent of the system and an incredible depth of experience in applying the system to all-risk, all-hazard incidents of any complexity.


Over the years, the scope and breadth of services EMSI provides to our clients has expanded considerably.  What started as a company focused on ICS training services has evolved into all-hazards, full-service, multi-discipline incident management and emergency management services and solutions provider.  Within the training realm, we now offer a wide range of services in addition to our ICS training, including multiagency coordination and incident leadership training. We also provide performance support aids, such as checklists, posters, and job aids to help responders working an incident.  Additionally, we routinely provide services to our clients including preparedness & planning support, exercises, response, program evaluation, program management, coaching, and general consulting.  While our scope of services has evolved, what hasn’t changed is our commitment to quality and the principles of incident management and emergency management.

Job Aids

Over 15 years ago we recognized a shortfall in quality ICS position specific guidance and job aids.  As a result of this, we developed the most robust ICS position specific job aids available to support responders performing various ICS functions.  In 2007, we rolled out our first ICS position job aids for the Operations Section Chief and Planning Section Chief.  Today, we publish over 20 ICS position specific job aids. These job aids and more are available for sale through IMTGear.com, a store we recently launched, focusing on providing high quality supplies and gear to the incident management community.

As the scope of EMSI’s services has grown, so too has our client base. Fueled by our reputation for superior results and strong commitment to quality, we now boast a robust client base.  Many of our clients have been with us for nearly a decade and we have developed strong links and partnerships to support them.  What began as a client base consisting predominantly of government sector clients has grown into a diverse group of both government and private sector clients on a national and international scale.  To support our growing client base in Canada, EMSI launched EMSI Canada Ventures in 2014.

Today, we strive to build upon the same principles we were founded on, while providing a wide array of services and products to clients around the world from government agencies to Fortune 500 corporations.  Our current cadre of response professionals continues to grow more diverse in their qualifications and backgrounds as we support our clients in real world events, as well as preparedness training.  But what remains at the core of who we are at EMSI is our depth of experience and the ability to innovatively apply our extensive capabilities to improve our client’s proficiencies within a wide spectrum of circumstances.  With every interaction with our clients, we continue to write the EMSI history.  We hope that you become a part of our story.