Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown, EMSI's Accounting Administrator
Accounting Administrator

Currently serving as EMSI’s Accounting Administrator, Ruth joined our company in 2015, bringing over 18 years of accounting operations experience to our team. Prior to joining EMSI, Ruth provided Northern Virginia companies with accounting services, bill collecting, auditing, and database development. In these capacities, she was responsible for the gamut of accounting: bookkeeping, payroll service, billing, inventory control, and customer service.

Indicative of her knowledge and experience, Ruth has become our one-stop accounting shop within EMSI. As the Accounting Administrator, she serves as the primary point of contact for our 100+ instructor cadre, responsible for auditing travel vouchers, work order submissions, payable accounts review, and data base development and maintenance. Her expertise in data base development is apparent through her previous development of systems to track customer service, collections, and EFT reports with prior employers. Within EMSI, she has been hard at work to bring many of our internal processes into data bases, such as management of our Independent Consultants’ experience and qualifications, consolidation of end of course and workshop evaluations, and tracking EMSI issued work orders for development, consulting, and instruction.

Ruth’s contributions to the EMSI staff go beyond traditional accounting; she has become a jack of all trades, willing to pitch in on a myriad of tasks to ensure that our instructors and consultants have everything they need to be successful for our clients. From organizing the storeroom to improve inventory accountability to assisting in the production of materials for courses, Ruth is the consummate team player.

Ruth continues to expand her knowledge in support of our instructors and clients through her pursuit of her degree in Accounting.  She has additionally completed certifications in Legal Compliance, Wage and Salary Compensation, and Developing Policies and Procedures.