New Air Operations Branch Director (AOBD) Job Aid Released

An international leader in developing tools and training for incident management, EMSI is passionate about preparing responders to be ready for all-hazards incidents. As part of this commitment over the last twenty years, we have created over twenty-five job aids and guidebooks that aid emergency managers and front-line responders in performing their duties, through checklists and best practices.

Today, we are proud to announce the release of our latest job aid: Air Operations Branch Director. We are pleased to offer this job aid in the traditional half-page bound paper format, as well as an electronic resource.

With training long overlooked in this critical position, EMSI has worked to blend industry and government best practices into a reference guide for aviators who may be assigned to the AOBD position. Be sure to look for our updated AOBD position-specific course coming soon!

Outlining how the Air Operations Branch Director works within ICS, this job aid provides guidance to assigned personnel on how to support the Operations Section Chief, the Incident Commander, Unified Command, and the appropriate Command and General Staff members. The AOBD is responsible for providing direction to aircraft and aviation personnel supporting an incident, as well as working in close coordination with the Logistics Section to provide logistical support for aircraft and aircrews assigned to the incident. The Air Operations function spans all-hazards and all-risks missions and is critical to the safety of aviation assets during an incident.

In addition to our AOBD job aid, keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming new and updated job aids for several positions, to include Facilities Unit Leader, Staging Area Manager, Division/Group Supervisor, and Supply Unit Leader. You can find all our EMSI job aids and guidebooks exclusively through IMTGear. And don’t forget to download our FREE EMSI Incident Management Handbook!

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