Responder Coaching

With a deep and seasoned cadre of response professionals, EMSI is well equipped to provide incident management coaches for your responders.  Coaches will not take over for your responders, but they will coach them through the process and share sage incident management advice to facilitate successful management of the incident.  In addition to offering coaches for every position in the ICS organization, EMSI can coach positions and functions within the Multiagency Coordination System and Joint Information System.  Besides facilitating successful management of the incident, coaching helps create real-time training opportunities to help clarify and enhance learning objectives.

For nearly nine months during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, EMSI served as the official ICS and incident management coaches and advisors to the U.S. Coast Guard and their response partners, providing nearly fifty Type 1 and Type 2 qualified personnel at one time to the Area Command in Louisiana; the Incident Command Posts in Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida; and the Forward Operating Bases throughout the Gulf.