instructors discussing ics training methods before a classEMSI offers a wide range of training to meet your incident management and emergency management needs.  With nationally recognized practitioners and instructors, we offer the highest quality available.  We specialize in developing and delivering scenario and activity-driven training in an adult learning environment, tailored to the unique needs of your organization.  Where applicable, all courses are designed to meet and exceed national and industry standards, setting us apart from other training providers. We offer training in a variety of areas including:


The Incident Command System (ICS)

Founded in 2000, some of the first training courses EMSI offered were ICS courses. Our ICS training courses are second to none. As a company we have been developing and delivering ICS training since our inception but many of our instructors have been working with and training in ICS for longer. Some of our instructors were involved in the original development and implementation of ICS. We offer systems training (ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 300, and ICS 400), position training for every ICS position in the organization, and we offer Incident Management Team (IMT) training.

The Multiagency Coordination System (MACS)

Lost to history is that ICS and MACS were developed together as part of FIRESCOPE to be independent yet clearly related systems to solve two different problems. MACS was designed to a coordinate entities above the incident level while ICS was designed to provide standard terminology, procedures, and organization at the incident level. While the national ICS training program is rather robust, there is not a whole lot out there on MACS.

Public Information and the Joint Information System (JIS)

NIMS Command & Management consists of three main components: ICS, MACS, and Public Information.Public Information and the Joint Information System is a critical piece of successful incident management. We offer training on a variety of Public Information and Joint Information System topics.

The National Incident Management System (NIMS) and National Response Framework (NRF)

NIMS is more than just ICS, MACS, and JIS. It addresses steady state functions too such as Preparedness, Communications & Information Management, and Resource Management. FEMA has developed standard online courses that provide overviews of these topics. We can deliver these courses in a classroom environment or can develop custom courses or workshops to train on and discuss these critical topics. Additionally, we offer training and workshops on the NRF.

Incident Leadership

Understanding ICS is not enough to guarantee successful management and resolution of an incident. Incident Leadership is the human element to the successful management of an incident. It is the ability to establish vision and intent while guiding a response team or organization through the incident management process. The EMSI Incident Leadership curriculum compliments our incident management curriculum to ensure you have the skills to lead in a chaotic environment.


Successful incident management requires timely decisions by key leaders yet the incident management environmental is chaotic and accurate information can be hard to come by.  Crisis decision making is far more difficult than day-to-day decision making.  Crisis decision makers must recognize that they are required to make rapid decisions with less than perfect information, and they must be comfortable with this.  EMSI decision-making training focuses on crisis decision making and decision making techniques and processes that can be applied in rapidly evolving situations.