Team Training

Team training prepares a group of individuals to function together as an Incident Management Team (IMT) in a scenario driven training session.  Usually participants have completed position training and may have worked together before. The complexity level of team training also increases commensurate with the qualifications, capabilities, and needs of the attendees.  Courses range from ICS-220 (Initial Response Incident Management Team) and increases to the ICS-620 (Area Command) level.  The specific positions typically in attendance at IMT level training sessions include: Command; Command Staff; General Staff; and key subordinates such as the Situation, Resources, and Environmental Unit Leaders.  Area Command training courses often include the entire Area Command, as they are typically much smaller than an IMT. Team training focuses on building and/or enhancing team processes, organization, information sharing and management, and interactions, so that the various individuals can effectively work together in a team environment.  After all, we like to say ICS and successful incident management is a team sport!