Incident Command System Planning Process

Course Overview

The ICS Planning Process course provides training and resources for responders who require advanced application of the operational planning cycle (“P”) by working through the cycle twice to familiarize and reinforce the operational planning process, its meetings, briefings, planning periods, and transitions. Expanding upon information covered in IS-100 through ICS-300 courses, this course emphasizes large-scale, multi-period organizational development, roles and relationships of the command and general staff, and planning, operational, logistical and fiscal considerations related to large and complex incident and event management.

Specific Course Topics

Starting with transitioning from the ICS-201, participants will learn:
• To develop better incident objectives
• Effective meeting preparedness and facilitation
• Contributing better inputs to the planning process
• Building contingencies into the IAP
• Hazard analysis and operational risk management
• Effective resource allocation
• Writing descriptive work assignments
• Logistical support for IAP execution
• Informal team coordination during the IAP development
• Division/Group Supervisor input to the IAP development
• Technical Specialist support to the IAP development
• Briefing the IAP
• Measuring IAP effectiveness
• Making changes to the IAP
• Developing subsequent IAPs

Target Audience

Appropriate for any IMT role involved in Incident Action Plan (IAP) development.


Two to Four days (16-32 hours)


Successful completion of IS-100, IS-200, ICS-300