ICS-320 Intermediate Incident Management Team

Course Overview

ICS-320 is a team building course consisting of an overview of the concepts, principles, and protocols of ICS and functioning as an IMT. This course centers on the functions of Command, Command Staff, General Staff, Situation Unit Leader, Resources Unit Leader, and Documentation Unit Leader in the operational planning process (the “planning P”). In addition to reviewing the functional responsibilities of various positions, ICS-320 highlights the inter-dependence of information flow and the need for teamwork within a Type 2/3 IMT organization. Responders will practice learning points with a scenario-driven exercise that runs the length of the course.

Specific Course Topics

  • NIMS and ICS concepts, principles, and protocols review
  • Establishing and operating an Incident Command Post
  • Relationships between positions on an Incident Management Team
  • Functional training for Command and Command Staff, Operations Section and Planning Section as it relates to the incident planning process
  • Review and demonstrate the significant activities during an incident planning process and the development of an Incident Action Plan
  • NIMS and ICS products related to management of resources, Command Staff issues, development of the Operations Section organization and the Planning Cycle
  • Exercising Learning Components

Target Audience

Responders who may assume roles in Command, Command Staff, General Staff, Planning Section and Operations Section positions


Duration: Three days (24 hours)


Successful completion of ICS-300


  • USCG ICS-320