Operational Planning P’s

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Area Command Operational Planning Cycles

Area Command, Command Activities

Area Command, Finance/Administration Activities

Area Command, General Activities

Area Command, Logistics Activities

Area Command, Planning Activities

Area Command, Operating Cycle

Branch Level Planning Cycles

Branch Level Planning

Branch Level Tactical Planning

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Operational Planning Cycles

Emergency Operations Center Planning

Command and General Staff Operational Planning Cycles

Communications Unit Leader (COML)

Division / Group Supervisor (DIVS)

Documentation Unit Leader (DOCL)

Event Planning

Environmental Unit Leader(EUL)

Finance/Administration Section

General Activities

Incident Commander (IC)

Initial Incident Management Team (IMT)

Legal Officer (LEGL)

Liaison Officer (LOFR)

Logistics Section

Operations Section

Public Information Officer (PIO)

Planning Section

Qualified Individual (QI)

Resource Unit Leader (RESL)

Safety Officer (SOFR)

Situation Unit Leader (SITL)

Technical Specialist (THSP)