Incident Leadership

Course Overview

EMSI’s Incident Leadership course is our version of the NWCG L-381 course.  Intended for Incident Management Team (IMT) personnel, this course builds upon the EMSI Operational Leadership course and covers the leadership tools necessary to effectively exert command and control over a quickly assembled team in a time constrained and rapidly changing Type 3 incident environment.  The course covers a number of leadership principles and relates them to the incident management environment.

Specific Course Topics

  • Leadership in Practice
  • Command Presence and Command Climate
  • Command Direction and Leader’s Intent
  • Communication and Human Factors
  • Team Building and Management
  • Risk Management and Resiliency
  • Changes in Operational Tempo
  • Performance Assessment

Target Audience

Incident Commanders, Operations Section Chiefs, Division/Group Supervisors, and other IMT members


Four or Five Days (32-40 hours)

Pre-requisite (recommended)

  • ICS-300
  • Position Specific ICS Training
  • Operational Leadership (or L-380 equivalent)


  • NWCG L-381