ICS-420 Incident Management Team – 1

Course Overview

Building upon responders’ experiences, ICS-420 trains and develops the primary positions on an Incident Management Team (IMT) to effectively perform their roles and responsibilities during an interagency response operation and prepare them to serve on a Type 2 IMT. Through the use of a complex incident scenario, the responders will learn how to react appropriately to exercise inputs; and develop required products and Incident Action Plans.  Additionally, this course stresses team development and the synergy necessary to perform effectively and efficiently during a crisis.

Specific Course Topics

  • ICS position functional relationships
  • Principles and behaviors of a successful Incident Management Team
  • Key components of effective decision making
  • Developing and using IMT Operating Procedures
  • Essential elements of transitions that an incident or event management team is likely to encounter

Target Audience

Responders anticipating filling a position on Type 2 Incident Management Team


Duration: Four days (32 hours)


Successful completion of:

  • ICS-300
  • ICS-400
  • ICS position training
  • Response experience in the functional position