EMSI Canada Ventures

In 2013, EMSI established EMSI Canada Ventures, a subsidiary of EMSI, as a separate and distinct Canadian corporation.  Registered as a business in Alberta, Canada, all EMSI services provided to our Canadian clients are delivered through EMSI Canada Ventures.

As a subsidiary of EMSI, Canadian clients maintain access to the complete line of EMSI services and products through EMSI Canada Ventures.  This includes access to EMSI’s:

  • Extensive training catalog, including Incident Command System (ICS) training
  • Robust exercise planning and support services
  • Highly experienced and qualified Incident Management Team (IMT) and response support services
  • Deep network of subject matter experts with industry-leading qualifications, certifications

A global leader in the training and application of ICS, EMSI has delivered ICS training in Canada to government and private sector entities through EMSI Canada Ventures.  Our training courses include ICS “system” training (ICS 100 through 400), position-specific training for all positions in the ICS organization, and various levels of IMT training.  In addition, our ICS instructors are certified ICS Canada instructors.

Additionally, through EMSI Canada Ventures, EMSI offers:

  • Training and exercises for Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs)
  • Incident and crisis leadership training
  • Response and contingency planning and preparedness

EMSI works with a wide range of government and private sector entities on an international basis. Our goal is to provide customized and tailored services and support that enhance the capabilities of our clients. We are proud of our relationships with our clients and the partnerships we build with them. Below are some of our Canadian clients:

For more information on working with EMSI Canada Ventures, contact EMSI at EMSICanada@emsics.com.