Exercises play an important role in preparing organizations to respond to emergency situations.  They offer an opportunity to test and evaluate policies, plans, procedures, and overall capabilities, while identifying areas for improvement.  A well-designed exercise provides an environment to test capabilities, reinforce training, familiarize personnel with roles and responsibilities, and evaluate interactions.  When designed properly, exercises are an effective tool to practice and prepare an organization to respond to an emergency.

EMSI offers a wide range of exercise design, planning, evaluation, and support services, including overall exercise program management.  We specialize in all types of exercises including:

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Scenario and Simulation

Informed in large part by the real-world experience of our cadre, along with our vivid imaginations, EMSI can assist with scenario development and simulation for your exercise.  We have experience with all-hazard scenarios and can simulate a wide variety of external influences, including social media.

Exercise Coaching

Are you looking to get a little more out of your exercise?  Contact EMSI about our exercise coaching services.  It is a great way to enhance an exercise by creating additional training and learning moments.

Exercise Evaluation and After Action

EMSI Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are available to evaluate your exercises and provide input to After Action Reports (AARs) in just about any emergency management area.

Incident Management Team (IMT) Exercises

EMSI specializes in designing and conducting exercises for Incident Management Teams (IMTs).  Our IMT exercises create an environment to test your IMT procedures and processes and evaluate your ability to work effectively as a team.

National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP)

Looking for assistance with your PREP requirements?  EMSI offers a wide-range of exercise support services that can be utilized to assist with PREP.

Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP)

Master Exercise Practitioners (MEP) are subject matter experts (SME) on designing and conducting emergency management exercises consistent with the HSEEP doctrine. Several members of the EMSI cadre hold MEP certifications from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency and are available to help with your exercise needs.

Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) provides a set of guiding principles for exercise programs, as well as a common approach to exercise program management, design and development, conduct, evaluation, and improvement planning. HSEEP exercise and evaluation doctrine is flexible, adaptable, and is for use by stakeholders across the whole community and is applicable for exercises across all mission areas – prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery. EMSI has extensive experience planning and conducting exercises for our clients using the HSEEP model.

Incident Management Team (IMT) Practical Application Exercise (PAE)

The Incident Management Team (IMT) Practical Application Exercise (PAE) is an innovative approach to preparing an Incident Management Team for managing an incident.  The activity is part training and part practical application.  Broken into four major activities, the IMT PAE focuses on the critical steps and inputs to develop a thorough Incident Action Plan (IAP).  The IMT PAE is completely modular and can be conducted in three consecutive days, or spread out over time.  Only the IMT members required at each step of the Planning Process need to attend a specific module.