EMSI offers a wide range of training to meet your incident management and emergency management needs.  With nationally recognized practitioners and instructors, we offer the highest quality training available.  We specialize in developing and delivering scenario and activity-driven training in an adult learning environment, tailored to the unique needs of your organization.  Where applicable, all training courses are designed to meet and exceed national and industry training standards, setting us apart from other training providers.


Exercises play an important role in preparing organizations to respond to emergency situations.  They offer an opportunity to test and evaluate policies, plans, procedures, and overall capabilities while identifying areas for improvement.  A well-designed exercise provides an environment to test capabilities, reinforce training, familiarize personnel with roles and responsibilities, and evaluate interactions.  When designed properly, exercises are an effective tool to practice and prepare an organization to respond to an emergency.


EMSI’s cadre of Subject Matter Experts are response and incident management experts who have responded to thousands of incidents in their careers.  Leveraging this expertise, our seasoned cadre can support your organization during the actual incident and emergency response through a wide range of response services.


With a vast and diverse network of experienced and seasoned subject matter experts representing a wide array of emergency management disciplines, EMSI is well-positioned to assist your organization with expert emergency management preparedness services.  Nearly all of our consultants possess a minimum of twenty years of major response experience with nationally recognized emergency management qualifications and certifications.  Our consults leverage their knowledge and experience to meet the unique needs of your organization and provide targeted and customized solutions for your emergency management challenges.

IMT Gear

In addition to our services, we want our gear to be a critical component of your successful response to and management of an incident.Consistent with our commitment to provide high-quality incident management and emergency management services and solutions, EMSI also provides our clients with high-quality, durable incident response gear, equipment, and materials for use in an Incident Command Post.  All EMSI products are for sale through IMT Gear, your one-stop-shop for emergency management resources.