ICS Canada I-402, ICS for Executives

Course Overview

ICS Canada’s I-402, Incident Command System for Executives,  provides a basic understanding of ICS, unified and area command,and multi-agency coordination to those persons responsible for establishing or implementing policy, but who normally are not a part of the on-scene ICS organization. The course also discusses responsibilities and information transfer between Executives and Incident Commanders. This course is currently only available in English.

Specific Course Topics

At the end of this Course, the participants should be able to:

  • Define ICS
  • Identify three purposes of ICS
  • List the five primary management functions
  • List the benefits of using ICS
  • Identify the relationship between the Incident Commander and the Executive

Target Audience

Executives, administrators, and policy makers involved with emergency planning and response or recovery efforts.


Duration: Half day (3 hours)

Pre-requisite (recommended)


This Course may be Taught in Conjunction With



  • FEMA/EMI G0402
  • USDA I-402