Angie Overstreet

Angie Overstreet
EMSI Business Manager

Angie currently serves as EMSI’s Business Manager with a focus on Accounting and Contracts. Returning to EMSI in 2021 after a five-year hiatus, she brings over 15 years of accounting, Human Resources, and project management experience to our team. Prior to her return, Angie supported a Northern Virginia company with the management of contracts and over 90 subject matter experts during the process of developing raw questions for social work examinations.

Indicative of her knowledge and experience, Angie is our primary controller in accounting. She will serve as the primary point of contact for our 100+ instructor cadre, responsible for auditing travel vouchers, purchase orders, payable accounts review, and database development and maintenance. Angie will continue her efforts to incorporate efficiencies within EMSI business operations to continue moving to electronic records, processes, data collection, and analysis. Within EMSI, she will continue to bring many of our internal processes into databases, such as management of our Independent Consultants’ experience and qualifications, consolidation of end-of-course and workshop evaluations, and tracking EMSI issued purchase orders for development, consulting, and instruction.

With newly developed skills honed during her hiatus, Angie will support our business development and contracts management to ensure the best solutions are proposed for each project and that each project is conducted as contracted. Angie will manage the RFP cycle from cradle to grave while working with the technical team to best highlight EMSI’s ability to respond to each solicitation, as well as manage solicitation schedules and project reporting.

Angie’s return is highlighted by her past contributions to the EMSI staff that go beyond traditional accounting and management support; she is a consummate professional and a jack of all trades, willing to pitch in on a myriad of tasks to ensure that our instructors and consultants have everything they need to be successful for our clients. Customer service of the highest order is applied to both our internal and external stakeholders.

Demonstrating exceptional technical proficiency, Angie tirelessly worked the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, providing remote support to over 80 EMSI contracted responders across the entire National Incident Command, Area Command, and Incident Command structures. In this capacity, Angie was responsible for processing and auditing all travel claims and reimbursement requests within government guidelines, inventorying and deploying required equipment for briefings and training in theater, and receiving invoicing and maintaining accounts payable records related to the response.

Throughout the years, Angie has continued to gain knowledge of her field. Her continued education primarily has focused on Business and Accounting, with independent program study and certifications in the Incident Command System, the Essentials of HR Law, and Facilities Management.