Britney Kalista

Currently serving as one of EMSI’s Accounting Administrators, Britney joined our company in 2023, bringing a fresh perspective of accounting operations and office management experience to our team. With over a decade of experience managing offices in the medical and veterinary fields, her performance-oriented focus aids EMSI’s office organization, cost controls, and accounts management. In her capacity, she is responsible for the gamut of accounting: bookkeeping, accounts payable, inventory control, and customer service. In addition, her experience in developing cost estimates for potential and current clients benefits EMSI’s internal methods, refining and codifying the process.

Indicative of her knowledge and experience, Britney is part of our one-stop accounting shop within EMSI,  supporting our 100+ instructor cadre and clients. Her experience in auditing and data and process management serves to enhance EMSI’s own processes. Britney will additionally contribute to efforts to incorporate efficiencies within EMSI business operations in support of our clients, large and small.

Beyond managing billing, Britney’s considerable accounting experience across a diversity of medical offices provides keen insight into best practices that enable EMSI to provide better customer service to our clients, as well as our contractors. Leveraging her experiences, she  additionally ensures proper records management of EMSI orders received through the website.

Throughout the years, Britney has continued to gain knowledge of her field. Her experience and expertise in accounting programs such as QuickBooks and Microsoft applications have allowed to her hit the ground running and work to immediately impact EMSI’s business processes.