Course Evaluations

Most of the worthwhile improvements made to activities will result from evaluations by participants. All criticism is welcome, but constructive criticism will be the most useful. Please respond honestly to the following questions. For the rating of poor or fair (1 or 2 stars), please provide reason(s) for the rating and recommendations for improvement in the Additional Comments section.

Evaluations are listed in the month under which the last day of the course is conducted. Dates are provided if there are multiple convenings in the same month.

January 2023

Fairfax County/NCR FEMA L0960 DIVS Evaluation

LNG Canada LOFR/PIO Evaluation

Proactima ICS-300 Evaluation (Jan 24-26)

February 2023

LNG Canada SOFR/Security Evaluation

FEMA Open Enrollment ICS-400 Evaluation

Proactima ICS-300 Evaluation (Feb 7-9)

Ontario Emergency Management O-305 Evaluation

BNSF 402 LOFR/403 PIO Evaluation

Marathon ICS-300 Evaluation

March 2023

Marathon ICS-300 Evaluation

Fairfax Co./NCR 0975 FAUL Evaluation

DOE NA-84 ICS-300 Evaluation

Marathon Petro ICS-347 DMOB Evaluation

Marathon Petro ICS-348 RESL Evaluation

Marathon Petro ICS-450 LSC Evaluation

Chevron ICS-300 Evaluation