EMSI Evaluations

Most of the worthwhile improvements made to activities will result from evaluations by participants. All criticism is welcome, but constructive criticism will be the most useful. Please respond honestly to the following questions.

  • Evaluations are listed in the month under which the last day of the course is conducted.
  • Links to evaluations will not be active until the last day of the activity.

September 2023

Panama Canal Authority ICS-346 Situation Unit Leader Course (Sep 4-5)

Chevron L0956 Liaison Officer Course (Sep 5-6)

Chevron ICS-300 Course (Sep 5-7)

Panama Canal Authority ICS-348 Resources Unit Leader Course (Sep 6-7)

Panama Canal Authority ICS-349 Environmental Unit Leader Course (Sep 11-12)

USAF RTF ICS-320 Course (Sep 19-21)

DOE NA-84 ICS-300 Course (Sep 18-21)

Marathon Petroleum ICS-300 Course (Sep 18-19)

Marathon Petroleum ICS-300 Course (Sep 20-21)

Proactima ICS-300 Course (Sep 25-28)

Chevron Luanda ICS-300 Course (Sep 25-26)

Chevron Luanda Operations and Planning Section Chief Workshop (Sep 27)

Chevron Luanda Logistics and Finance/Administration Section Chief Workshop (Sep 28)

October 2023

Chevron Malongo ICS-220 Course (Sep 30-Oct 1)

Chevron Malongo ICS-300 Course (Oct 2-3)

Chevron Luanda Crisis Management Training (Oct 5)

Marathon Petroleum ICS-300 Course (Oct 10-11)

Waco City Joint Information Center Course (Oct 16-17)

Proactima ICS-300 Course (Oct 23-26)

BNSF ICS-403 Public Information Officer Course (Oct 24-25)

Marathon Petroleum ICS-300 Course (Oct 24-25)

November 2023

Methanex ICS-300 Course (Oct 30-Nov 1)

WA Dept of Social & Health Services L0952 Public Information Officer Course (Oct 30-Nov 3)

Fulton County Board Of Health ICS-320 Course (Oct 31-Nov 2)