EMSI Provides Training and Coaching at the DOE RAPSTONE Drill

Incident management is as important as ever when dealing with hazardous materials incidents.  This was demonstrated during the recent Department of Energy (DOE) RAPSTONE drill in Richland, WA, where responders from the DOE Radiological Assistance Program (RAP) and the Consequence Management Advanced Command (CMAC) conducted training to prepare for a radiological emergency with response partners from Washington, Idaho, California, and Hawaii.  EMSI was on hand to provide incident management training and coaching as part of the drill.

The scenario began with a vehicle collision with a rail car that contained radioactive material.  The force of the collision caused a dispersion of radioactive material into the atmosphere with an unknown extent of radiological contamination in the surrounding community.  The scenario created both operational and management challenges for the responders.

Under the DOE response model, RAP teams work with their state and local partners to manage the initial response until transitioning to the CMAC, a small management overhead team.  Objectives for the drill included:

  • Establishing an initial response organization and effectively managing the initial response until transfer of command
  • Organizing radiological field monitoring teams and conducting an Operations Briefing prior to deployment
  • Preparing for and conducting a transition briefing

EMSI provided assistance with all aspects of the incident management objectives.  Prior to the drill, EMSI held a workshop on effective initial response management and organization including RAP team operations.  During the drill, EMSI provided real-time coaching to the initial response management team, guiding them through the initial response phase of the incident and preparing for the transition.

EMSI routinely provides incident management coaching to DOE during their exercises as a way to enhance the training we provide for them.  Contact EMSI to learn more about EMSI coaching and advisory services available for exercises and responses.