EMSI Preparedness Services by PPD-8 Mission Areas


With years of real world response experience, EMSI’s cadre can help you determine if you are ready for planned events or unexpected incidents. Having worked on incidents at every level of government and industry, EMSI is keenly aware of the importance of building a unity of effort well before an incident occurs. The time to find friends is not after bad things happen…and we can help you make those connections through strategic planning, exercises, and training.


Assessing your ability to be secure against acts of terrorism and man-made or natural disasters is critical. From identifying key assets in your logistics chain to the physical security of your responding assets post-incident, EMSI can help strengthen your protection preparations through analysis and planning.


What’s most important to your company’s resilience? EMSI can help conduct assessments to determine how to lessen the impacts of an incident on your operations, as well as aid you in determining the threats that are most likely and need preparation to mitigate those impacts. Additionally, our cadre is well equipped to assist you in developing public information products to reduce the impacts on local citizens.


Incidents rarely come at a good time. How you respond to difficult situations can define your company. EMSI has the surge capability to augment your organization to coach and consult on your response efforts. During Deepwater Horizon, EMSI provided over 50 Type 1 and 2 ICS certified personnel at one time to assist the Coast Guard and British Petroleum during the incident. We can bring our collective experiences to bear on whatever incident you may encounter and help with the operational coordination and planning support that is crucial to success.


Just because the incident itself is over doesn’t mean that the response is complete. Helping your company and the community recover is critical to how the public views a successful response. EMSI can help you plan for after an incident, as well as help you inform the public throughout.