Common ICS Forms’ Descriptions

The Incident Command System uses a series of standard forms and supporting documents that convey directions for the accomplishment of the objectives and distributing information. Listed below are some standard ICS form titles and descriptions of each form. Copies of the forms by various entities and in several languages can be found on our website at

Incident Action Plan Cover Page, ICS-200
Indicates the incident name, plan operational period, date prepared, approvals, and attachments (resources, organization, Communications Plan, Medical Plan, and other pertinent information).

Incident Briefing, ICS-201
Provides the Incident Command/Unified Command and General Staffs with basic information regarding the incident situation and the resources allocated to the incident. This form also serves as a permanent record of the initial response to the incident.
Generally prepared by the Initial Incident Commander.

Incident Objectives, ICS-202
Describes the basic strategy and objectives for use during each operational period.
Generally prepared by the Planning Section Chief.

Command Direction, ICS-202A
Supplements the ICS-202 by documenting the IC/UC strategic direction and guidance through Key Decisions/Procedures, Priorities, and Limitations/Constraints for use during the next operational period.
Generally prepared by the Planning Section following each Unified Command Objectives Meeting.

Critical Information Requirements, ICS-202B
Supplements the ICS-202 by documenting the IC/UC strategic direction and guidance through Critical Information Requirements for use during the next operational period.
Generally prepared by the Planning Section following each Unified Command Objectives Meeting.

Organization Assignment List, ICS-203
Provides information on the response organization and personnel staffing.
Generally prepared by the Resource Unit Leader.

Assignment List, ICS-204
Used to inform personnel of assignments. After Incident Command/Unified Command approve the objectives, staff members receive the assignment information contained in this form.
Generally prepared by the Resource Unit Leader and Operations Section Chief.

Assignment List Attachments, ICS-204A
Attachment to ICS-204 to allow for more specificity on work assignment special instructions, special equipment/supplies needed, special environmental considerations, and special site-specific safety considerations.
Generally prepared by the Operations and Planning Section Chiefs.

Incident Communications Plan, ICS-205
Provides, in one location, information on the assignments for all communications equipment for each operational period. The plan is a summary of information. Information from the Incident Communications Plan on frequency assignments can be placed on the appropriate Assignment form (ICS Form 204).
Generally prepared by the Communications Unit Leader.

Incident Radio Communications Plan, ICS-205a
Records methods of contact for personnel on scene.
Generally prepared by the Communications Unit Leader.

Medical Plan, ICS-206
Provides information on incident medical aid stations, transportation services, hospitals, and medical emergency procedures.
Generally prepared by the Medical Unit Leader.

Incident Organization Chart, ICS-207
Provides information on units that are currently activated and the names of personnel staffing each position/unit. Not all positions need to be filled. The size of the organization is dependent on the magnitude of the incident and can be expanded or contracted as necessary.
Generally prepared by the Resources Unit Leader.

Site Safety and Health Plan, ICS-208
Designed for safety and health personnel and intended the meet requirements of Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response regulation (Title 29, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1910.120).
Generally prepared by the Safety Officer.

Incident Status Summary, ICS-209
Summarizes incident information for staff members and external parties and provides information to the Public Information Officer for preparation of media releases.
Generally prepared by the Situation Unit Leader.

Resource Status Change, ICS-210
Used by the Incident Communications Center Manager to record status change information received on resources assigned to the incident. This information could be transmitted with a General Message (ICS-213). The form could also be used by Operations as a worksheet to track entry, etc.
Generally prepared by radio/telephone operators who receive status change information from individual resources, Task Forces, Strike Teams, and Division/Group Supervisors. Status information could also be reported by Staging Area and Helibase Managers and fixed-wing facilities.

Check-In/Out List, ICS-211
Used to check in personnel and equipment arriving at or departing from the incident. Check-in/out consists of reporting specific information that is recorded on the form.
Generally prepared by the Resources Unit/Check-In Recorder.

General Message, ICS-213

Used by:

  • Incident dispatchers to record incoming messages that cannot be orally transmitted to the intended recipients.
  • EOC and other incident personnel to transmit messages via radio or telephone to the addressee.
  • Incident personnel to send any message or notification that requires hard-copy delivery to other incident personnel.

Generally prepared by any message originator.

Resource Request Message, ICS-213-RR
Used to formally request tactical and non-tactical resources.
Generally prepared by any resource requestor.

Unit Log, ICS-214
Provides a record of unit activities. Unit Logs can provide a basic reference from which to extract information for inclusion in any after- action report.
Generally prepared by all Sections and Units.

Chronology of Events Log, ICS-214A
Records details of unit activity, including strike team activity or individual activity that has been deemed relevant to the incident.
Generally initiated and maintained by the Situation Unit Leader but may also be used by Command Staff members, Division/Group Supervisors, Air Operations Groups, Strike Team/Task Force leaders, and Unit Leaders.

Operational Planning Worksheet, ICS-215
Documents decisions made concerning resource needs for the next operational period. The Planning Section uses this Worksheet to complete Assignment Lists, and the Logistics Section uses it for ordering resources for the incident. This form may be used as a source document for updating resource information on other ICS forms such as the ICS-209.
Generally prepared by the Operations Section Chief.

Incident Action Plan Safety Analysis, ICS-215A
Communicates to the Operations and Planning Section Chiefs safety and health issues identified by the Safety Officer.
Generally prepared by the Safety Officer.

Support Vehicle/Equipment Inventory, ICS-218
Provides an inventory of all transportation and support vehicles and equipment assigned to the incident. The information is used by the Ground Support Unit to maintain a record of the types and locations of vehicles and equipment on the incident. The Resources Unit uses the information to initiate and maintain status/resource information.
Generally prepared by Ground Support Unit personnel at intervals specified by the Ground Support Unit Leader.

Resource Status Card, ICS-219
Resource Status Cards (ICS-219) are also known as “T-Cards,” and are used by the Resources Unit to record status and location information on resources, transportation, and support vehicles and personnel. These cards provide a visual display of the status and location of resources assigned to the incident.

  • ICS-219-1, Header (grey)
  • ICS-219-2, Crew/Team (green)
  • ICS-219-3, Engine (rose)
  • ICS-219-4, Helicopter (blue)
  • ICS-219-5, Personnel (white)
  • ICS-219-6, Fixed-Wing (orange)
  • ICS-219-7, Equipment (yellow)
  • ICS-219-8, Miscellaneous Equipment/Task Force (tan)
  • ICS-219-10, Generic (light purple)

The Resources Unit typically maintains cards for resources assigned to an incident until demobilization. At demobilization, all cards should be turned in to the Documentation Unit.

Air Operations Summary, ICS-220
Provides information on air operations including the number, type, location, and specific assignments of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.
Generally prepared by the Operations Section Chief or Air Branch Director.

Demobilization Check-Out, ICS-221
Provides the Planning Section information on resource releases from the incident.
Generally prepared by Demobilization Unit Leader.

Incident Personnel Performance Rating, ICS-225
Provides supervisors the opportunity to evaluate subordinates on incident assignments.
Generally prepared by supervisors.

Daily Meeting Schedule, ICS-230
Records information about the daily scheduled meeting activities.
Generally prepared by the Situation Unit Leader.

Resources At Risk Summary, ICS-232
Provides information about sites in the incident area which are sensitive due to environmental, archaeo-cultural, or socio-economic resources at risk, and identifies incident-specific priorities and issues.
Generally prepared by the Environmental Unit Leader with input from resource trustees.

Incident Open Action Tracker, ICS-233
Used by Incident Commander/Unified Command to assign and track tasks/actions to IMT personnel that do not rise to level of being an Incident Objective.
Generally prepared by the Documentation Unit Leader.

Work Analysis Matrix, ICS-234
Designed to help select the best strategies and tactics to achieve the operational objectives. Optional form that assists staff in carrying out incident objectives by outlining the who, what, where, when, and how of the response.
Generally prepared by the Operations and Planning Section Chiefs.

Facilities Needs Assessment Worksheet, ICS-235
A planning tool used to develop the Incident Command Post Plan in a structured and disciplined manner.
Generally prepared by the Logistics Section Chief but may also be completed by Command and General Staff to help them determine their ICP or other space needs.

Tactical Worksheet
Optional single page form used to capture key elements of the initial incident response (e.g., map, communications, safety, weather, and operational resource allocation).
Generally prepared by the initial Incident Commander or Operations Section Chief.

Tentative Release List
Optional form used by Command and General Staff to identify excess or surplus resources on the incident for the Demobilization Unit Leader.
Generally prepared by the Command and General Staff after receiving input from their staff. 


ICS Form # Form Title Prepared By
ICS-201 Incident Briefing Initial Incident Commander
ICS-202 Incident Objectives Planning Section Chief
ICS-202A Command Direction Planning Section Chief
ICS-202B Critical Information Requirements Planning Section Chief
ICS-203 Organization Assignment List Resources Unit Leader
ICS-204 Assignment List Resources Unit Leader and Operations Section Chief
ICS-204A Assignment List Attachments Operations & Planning Sections Staff
ICS-205 Incident Radio Communications Plan Communications Unit Leader
ICS-205A Communications List Communications Unit Leader
ICS-206 Medical Plan Medical Unit Leader
ICS-207 Incident Organization Chart Resources Unit Leader
ICS-208 Site Safety and Health Plan Safety Officer
ICS-209 Incident Status Summary Situation Unit Leader
ICS-210 Status Change Card On-scene Incident Dispatcher
ICS-211 Check-In List Resources Unit/Check-in Recorder
ICS-213 General Message Any message originator
ICS-213-RR Resource Request Message Any Resource Requester
ICS-214 Unit Log All Sections and Units
ICS-214A Chronology of Events Log Situation Unit Leader
ICS-215 Operational Planning Worksheet Operations Section Chief
ICS-215A Incident Action Plan Safety Analysis Safety Officer
ICS 218 Support Vehicle Inventory Ground/Vessel Support Unit Leaders
ICS-219 Resource Status Card (T-Card) Resources Unit Leader
ICS-220 Air Operations Summary Operations Section Chief or Air Branch Director
ICS-221 Demobilization Check-Out Demobilization Unit Leader
ICS-225 Incident Personnel Performance Rating All Supervisors
ICS 230 Daily Meeting Schedule Situation Unit Leader
ICS 232 Resources at Risk Summary Environmental Unit Leader
ICS 233 Incident Open Action Tracker Documentation Unit Leader
ICS 234 Work Analysis Matrix Operations & Planning Section Chiefs
ICS 235 Facility Needs Assessment Worksheet Facilities Unit Leader
Tactical Worksheet Initial Incident Commander or Operations Section Chief
Tentative Release List Command and General Staff