US Coast Guard ICS Task Books

These booklets are used by the US Coast Guard as one section of their personal on-the-job training manual and the Performance Qualification Standard (PQS) for the position noted in each booklet. It is a guide to qualification. These task books are provided to assist others in developing their own qualification processes.


Air Ops Branch Director

Agency Representative

Division Supervisor

Finance Section Chief (Type 3)

ICS Staff

Incident Commander (Type 3)

Intelligence Group Supervisor

Investigative Operations Group Supervisor

Intelligence/Investigation Section Chief (Type 3)

Investigative Support Group Supervisor

Liaison Officer (Type 3)

Logistics Section Chief (Type 3)

Operation Branch Director

Operations Section Chief (Type 3)

Public Information Officer (Type 3)

Planning Section Chief (Type 3)

Safety Officer (Type 3)

Supply Branch Director

Service Branch Director

Unit Leader – Finance (Type 3)

Unit Leader – Logistics (Type 3)

Unit Leader – Planning (Type 3)

Unit Leader PQS Part A Core (Type 3)