USCG-ICS-420 Command and General Staff

Course Code: 501383

ICS-420 Command and General Staff is a four-day team course designed to prepare the student to function effectively in the position of a Type 2 Incident Commander, command or general staff with the application of previously acquired knowledge and skills. Students will participate in two types of groups (teams and similar position) during exercises. These exercises include a simulation of the mobilization, management, and demobilization phases of a rapidly accelerating Type 2 incident that has potential to become a Type 1 incident. The course will culminate in an exercise that will require the students to work through one full planning cycle and develop an Incident Action Plan. This training day should be a blend of training, coaching and hands-on exercises in team building and Human Resource Management to ensure that students leave with the necessary skills to establish and implement incident response policy.

Prerequisite is ICS-320 and the position specific course for the position held (i.e. for Planning Section Chief, the prerequisite is ICS-440).