15 Year Anniversary!

15 year anniversary medallion with blue ribbonsI’m honored to be able to commemorate our fifteenth year in business. EMSI was formally started in March of 2000 by an amazing group of response professionals, some of whom were involved in the actual creation of the Incident Command System in the 1970’s. They forged EMSI’s culture through an incredible depth of experience and understanding of how to innovatively apply their skills to improve responder proficiency, and they were instrumental in helping to build highly successful programs for clients such as the U.S. Coast Guard. Over the years the EMSI client base grew fueled by our reputation for superior results, and strong commitment to quality. Today, we work very hard to build upon those same principles and provide a wide array of services and products to clients around the world from government agencies to fortune 500 corporations. Our current cadre of response professionals has grown much more diverse in their qualifications and backgrounds. But, what remains at the core of who we are at EMSI is our depth of experience and the ability to innovatively apply our extensive capabilities to improve our client’s proficiencies within a wide spectrum of circumstances. We are humbled and ever grateful for the opportunities we are provided by our clients, and look forward to many more years of service to those who prepare for and respond to incidents.

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