EMSI Develops and Presents Aerial Observer Training

The Federal Register of August 31, 2009* delivered the final requirements for vessel and facility spill removal equipment and planning.  These long awaited changes included requirements for “trained observation personnel to support oil spill removal operations, commencing upon initial assessment, and capable of coordinating on-scene cleanup operations, including dispersant and mechanical recover operations. “  (Part 154.1045 (j) (4))

In the regulations, Aerial Observer training is to include:

  1. Protocols of oil-spill reporting and assessment

  2. Use of assessment techniques in ASTM F71779-08, “Standard Practice for Reporting Visual Observations of Oil on Water”

  3. Use of NOAA’s “Open Water Oil Identification Job Aid for Aerial Observations”

EMSI has developed a half day course based on these requirements and has now completed the first course delivery.  “Aerial Observer Training” was presented in Houston, TX on May 14, 2013.  The class of 20 was made up of SUNOCO’s Incident Management Team, members of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Sector Houston, and Harris County (Houston) Emergency Management.

This half-day course is now available for industry and government staff.  Please contact EMSI for more information.

* Vol. 74, No 167, 33 CFR Parts 154 and 155, Vessel and Facility Response Plan for Oil: 2003 Removal Equipment Requirements and Alternative Technology Revisions; Final Rule