EMSI Assists the Energy Industry in Establishing an ICS Position Qualification Standard

Several global energy companies with operations around the world have begun implementing a Position Qualification Standard (PQS) which establishes standardized training and competency-based evaluation of Incident Command System (ICS) positions.  The new standard establishes competencies that must be demonstrated on incidents, events or exercises before an individual can be deemed qualified.  Each of these competencies and requirements is outlined in an ICS position specific PQS Workbook (aka Task Book).  As trainees perform and demonstrate the essential skills, their workbooks are signed off by a qualified coach, mentor or supervisor.

The PQS program applies to the industry Corporate Emergency Response Teams and other response personnel.  It enhances the industry’s capability to manage large scale events and incidents around the world and share resources from one company to another.

EMSI has assisted the industry in developing the PQS program and in coaching and signing off PQS Workbooks at a recent ICS exercise in Southern Europe.  EMSI stands ready to help clients implement ICS Position Qualification Standards and also to help document these qualifications.  Interested parties may call EMSI for further information and implementation.