AHIMTA Conference 2016

EMSI is pleased to announce that we will be participating in the All-Hazards IMT Association (AHIMTA) Training and Education Symposium again this year.  Held in Oklahoma City, OK, from December 5-8, EMSI’s Director of Operations Billy Haley will be participating in the vendor showcase.

EMSI offers a diverse array of services and solutions for IMTs including training, exercises, response support, and team development.  Our training services include:

Over the years, EMSI has worked with a number of federal, state, and local IMTs, including the National Capital Region (NCR) IMT, for whom EMSI provides realistic and challenging IMT exercises.  EMSI most recently conducted an exercise for the NCR IMT in March 2016.

IMT Gear, EMSI’s online store with resources for incident management teams and personnel, will also be featured at the AHIMTA symposium.  Launched in 2015, IMT Gear offers a wide range of products and serves as a one-stop-shop for many of the resources required by an IMT. Be sure to check out the website at IMTgear.com.

EMSI is a global leader in the training and application of ICS.  Founded by experts in ICS and emergency management, EMSI has a unique connection to the origins of ICS.  Many of our cadre were involved in the creation and original implementation of ICS during the 1970s and 1980s, including one of our founders, Chuck Mills, who was a member of the original FIRESCOPE program.  Chuck served on the FIRESCOPE Technical Team during the development process and later on the FIRESCOPE Task Force to assist with the implementation of ICS and MACS. He was one of the first Type 1 Incident Commanders and additionally led one of the first IMTs designed around ICS.  This connection to the creation of ICS is forged in EMSI’s culture through an unmatched understanding of the design intent of the system and an incredible depth of experience in applying the system to all-risk, all-hazard incidents of any complexity.  Upholding the design intent of ICS while applying the principles of the system to unique incident management challenges is a philosophy of EMSI and a responsibility we take seriously.

Comprised of national and international all-risk, all-hazard response experts, EMSI’s seasoned cadre brings a unique background and perspective in dealing with incident and responder needs at every level of government and industry.  Since its inception in 2000, EMSI has played a major role in helping government and industry clients alike, prepare, train, and respond to emergencies of any cause or size.  EMSI has proven experience in helping various local, state, national, international, and private sector entities with their incident management and emergency management programs.

Drawing on decades of all-hazards incident management experience from a variety of emergency response fields, EMSI cadre members possess an exceptional diversity of emergency management and incident management backgrounds.  With seasoned professionals from wildland and structural firefighting, the U.S. Coast Guard, law enforcement, and other incident response and emergency management communities, EMSI has assembled a team of incident management experts with unrivaled qualifications and experience equipped to tackle the toughest of challenges presented to our clients.

Serving as Area Commanders, Incidents Commanders, and other Command & General Staff positions on Type 1 National Incident Management Teams (IMTs), the EMSI cadre of ICS practitioners is one of the largest and most experienced collections of incident management experts in the world.  Over the last four decades, EMSI personnel have managed large, all-risk, all-hazards incidents throughout the United States and around the world.  Our cadre has responded thousands of times using ICS on both large and small-scale incidents, ranging from natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes, to urban fire and rescue and wildland fire incidents, to oil, HAZMAT, chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, public health, environmental, and terrorism incidents, as well as special events. We have successfully implemented ICS on planned events and unplanned incidents of every magnitude.

Contact EMSI to schedule a time to meet with us at the AHIMTA Symposium, or stop by our booth.