EMSI Delivers Qualified Individual (QI) Training

Earlier this year, EMSI released a new Qualified Individual (QI) course and, in February, we successfully conducted our first delivery of the QI course to a railroad industry client. The course received positive reviews from participants and based on feedback was further improved for future deliveries. Specifically, participants noted that they appreciated the scenario and activity based approach to the training, along with the depth of experience that the instructors brought to the class.

Under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90), all facility and vessel response plans must identify a QI and at least one alternate who meet the requirements of the relevant sections of the CFR. The QI and alternate must not only be familiar with the implementation of the facility response plan, but must be trained in the responsibilities of a QI under the response plan.

Preparing potential QIs to serve as the initial Incident Commander, the QI course covers a multitude of topics, to include:

  • Review of ICS use and the roles and responsibilities of the QI and Command and General Staff during the initial response stage
  • Review of regulations related to QI position, including:
    • OPA 90
    • Clean Water Act 33 CFR 1251
    • 40 CFR – Oil Pollution Prevention and the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan
    • 46 CFR – Barges carrying liquid hazardous materials cargoes
    • 49 CFR – Domestic transportation of hazardous materials
  • Preparedness, Notifications, and Initial Response and Assessments by the QI
  • ICS documentation
  • Establishing the Initial Incident Management Team (IMT) (or Spill Management Team)
    • Establishing the Operations Section
    • Establishing the Planning Section, to include the Situation and Resources Units
    • Identifying hazards and risks to manage the Safety function
    • Establishing Logistical support in the initial response
    • Media Relations
  • Incident Briefings
  • Incident Transitions

The course emphasizes the use of the ICS-201 – Incident Briefing Form as a tool for QIs to manage and document the initial response.

Consistent with EMSI’s commitment to developing and delivering the highest quality incident management training, this course includes all of the hallmark principles of EMSI training courses. Leveraging adult learning methods, this course is an instructor-led training that supports learning through discussion, lecture, and active participation in multiple activities that provide a realistic and interactive approach to mastering the skills required of a QI. The two-day course meets all of the QI training requirements and includes a post-training test to ensure that QIs understand their roles and responsibilities, along with a copy of our new companion QI job aid.

Contact us more information on our QI training program. Looking for similar services to our QI training? Check out our PREP Exercises and IMT Training offerings.