EMSI Wins Major PREP Exercise Contract

EMSI is pleased to announce the recent award of a contract to conduct exercises for an industry client to satisfy National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP) guidelines. Consisting of Incident Management Team (IMT) Table Top Exercises (TTXs) and Equipment Deployment Exercises, these exercises will occur across nearly a dozen different facilities with requirements to test and evaluate their Facility Response Plans (FRP).

Through these exercises, EMSI will not only evaluate the ability of the individual facilities to respond effectively and in accordance with their FRPs, but EMSI exercise controllers/evaluators will assist in fostering a training environment in which participants can continue to learn and grow through the exercise. This is part of EMSI’s approach to making exercises more meaningful and helping clients achieve the maximum benefit from training and exercise opportunities, seizing on every opportunity to train and learn.

In conjunction with these exercises, EMSI will also be delivering our ICS-220 Initial Response Team course. A team course intended to prepare a group of responders to function as an initial response IMT, this course focuses on establishing the initial response organization and working as an IMT in the initial, and oftentimes chaotic, stages of an incident. Presented in an instructor-led discussion and exercise format, this course places a heavy emphasis on participant interactions and activities. As such, this course can also be used to satisfy PREP requirements for an IMT TTX.

For the Equipment Deployment Exercises, EMSI will be coordinating with company response officials and designated response contractors, to validate their capability to deploy response equipment in accordance with the FRP. For both the IMT TTXs and the Equipment Deployment Exercises, EMSI will be working with the facility to develop a Worst Case Discharge scenario.

To conduct these exercises, EMSI is leveraging our considerable expertise in oil and hazardous materials response. With nearly a dozen former U.S. Coast Guard National Strike Force members, EMSI personnel have decades of experience responding to oil and hazardous materials incidents. Additionally, EMSI has vast experience in Incident Command, federal response oversight, and exercise design and evaluation, including qualified Master Exercise Practitioners. With this experience, EMSI can assist your organization with Internal and External PREP exercises, including:

  • Response Plan Triennial Exercise Cycle
  • Emergency Procedures exercises
  • Incident Management Team (IMT) Tabletop exercises
  • Equipment Deployment exercises (Facility and OSRO/HSRO)
  • Area exercises

Contact EMSI to learn about our exercise design services, to include PREP.