EMSI Job Aids Available in E-Book Format

Recognizing a need for quality ICS position specific guidance and job aids, EMSI began development of our seminal job aids nearly ten years ago. In 2007, EMSI rolled out our first ICS position job aids for the Operations Section Chief and Planning Section Chief. Since then, EMSI has developed the most robust ICS position-specific job aids available related to performing various ICS functions. These job aids detail the roles and responsibilities of assigned positions, the various steps that the specific ICS position takes during the life cycle of the incident, and highlight the various interactions with other members of the IMT.

EMSI is pleased to announce that these job aids will soon be available in electronic format. In a partnership with our printer and digital content distributor Mimeo, all EMSI job aids will be available through Mimeo Digital. Mimeo Digital is a secure digital content distribution platform that allows EMSI to offer electronic access to our job aids through a device agnostic system, meaning users can access the content from any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone), all operating systems, and all web browsers. With the exception of users who choose to download the Mimeo Digital app for smartphones and tablets, there is nothing to install or download. Access to the job aids will be granted on a subscription basis ensuring the users always have access to the most current job aids and digital content. Furthermore, within the digital application users will be able to annotate their job aids for further customization and even save the job aids for offline viewing.

Today EMSI publishes over 20 ICS position-specific job aids. Individual subscriptions for digital job aid access will be available exclusively through IMTGear.com. If you are interested in bulk access for a team or organization, please contact EMSI to discuss pricing and terms. Along with the digital subscriptions, hard copy versions of the job aids will remain available exclusively through IMTGear.com.