EMSI’s Incident Management Handbook Available Now!

Continuing in our quest to develop emergency responders of every level, EMSI is proud to announce the availability of our new Incident Management Handbook! Cultivating the best practices from our decades of response and training, EMSI is honored to offer our very own FREE Incident Management Handbook (IMH) to assist response organizations!

Now available for download exclusively at http://www.emsics.com/resources/.

While it is important that all responders come into an incident with sufficient training and understanding of the Incident Command System (ICS), in a very large response, the organization or agency may be required to activate employees that have little experience responding in the field. Our IMH is intended to be used as a quick reference resource for first responders and emergency managers for use during response operations to provide a systematic process bringing order out of the chaos of incident response. Intended for use by personnel deployed at the incident level, it is not a policy document but rather guidance for response personnel requiring judgment in application.
EMSI IMHDuring an incident or event, responders can use our IMH to quickly locate important information, such as:

• ICS organizational structures,
• Establishing a Unified Command,
• ICS position specific descriptions, functions, and responsibilities,
• Incident typing/tiers,
• The Operational Planning Cycle or “P” (updated “P” from NIMS 2017),
o Action block overviews
o Meeting Room layouts
o Meeting/Briefing agendas
• How to write Priorities, Objectives, and Tasks, along with examples, and
• Other helpful and needed information responders will need during an incident/event.

Furthermore, as a free resource from EMSI, content from this IMH can be used to develop customized IMHs for your own application.

Since inception in 2000, EMSI has played a major role in helping government and industry clients alike, prepare, train, and respond to emergencies of any cause or size. Comprised of national and international all-risk, all-hazard response experts, EMSI’s seasoned cadre gives us a unique background and perspective in dealing with incident and responder needs at every level of government and industry, to include the international community. As a global response leader in all-risk, all-hazard, multi-discipline incidents, EMSI has a proven track record in helping the myriad of local, state, national, international, and private sector entities with their incident management and emergency management programs.

EMSI is a service-disabled veteran owned, minority business enterprise (MBE) that supports a broad range of clients. To learn more about EMSI and how we can help your organization’s response preparedness, please visit www.emsics.com.