New Facilities Unit Leader Job Aid Now Available

An international leader in developing tools and training for incident management, EMSI is passionate about preparing responders for all-hazards incidents. As part of this commitment over the last twenty years, we have created over twenty-five job aids and guidebooks that aid emergency managers and front-line responders in performing their duties, through checklists and best practices.

Today, we are proud to announce the release of our latest job aid: Facilities Unit Leader. We are pleased to offer this job aid in the traditional half-page bound paper format, as well as an electronic resource.

Recognizing that not everyone on an incident is in Operations, but everyone on an incident supports Operations, EMSI has developed this new job aid for responders assigned as Facilities Unit Leader (FACL), to better prepare personnel for managing the dynamic tasks involved in standing up and maintaining facilities onsite.

The Facilities Unit Leader is primarily responsible for the set-up, maintenance, and demobilization of incident facilities, e.g., Base, ICP, and Staging Areas. Each facility is assigned a manager who reports to the FACL and oversees the management of the facilities’ operation. In addition, the FACL is responsible for providing sleeping and sanitation facilities for all incident personnel, managing Base operations, and providing the security services required to support incident operations. This myriad of tasks can be scattershot without clearly articulated guidance from a well-seasoned FACL operating off checklists and best practices. Simply stated, the FACL has an overwhelming task, so we hope that our new job aid can help them in managing a proactive effort vice only reacting.

Within this new job aid, we review the Facilities Unit organization, to include various Manager positions that may be filled to aid the FACL. In addition, we’ve provided checklists to assist with initial actions (0-2 hours), intermediate actions (2-12 hours), and extended actions (beyond 12 hours), as well as checklists to aid in establishing an Incident Command Post.

In addition to our FACL job aid, keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming new and updated job aids for several positions, to include Staging Area Manager, Division/Group Supervisor, and Supply Unit Leader. You can find all our EMSI job aids and guidebooks exclusively through IMTGear. And don’t forget to download our FREE EMSI Incident Management Handbook!

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