Prism Inflatable Lights Available through IMT Gear

Now available through The Prism Inflatable Light and other Prism Lighting Services products.

The Prism Inflatable Light (PIL) is characterized by a supporting structure in synthetic fabric and an air-inflated cylinder, which raises the metal halide lamp (1000W equivalent to 9500 lm of brightness) up to 4.5 meters (15 feet) high and provides excellent illumination over an area.

A series of axial fans constantly inflate air into the supporting structure, in which sufficient pressure is generated to guarantee the necessary stability to the system.  A Stainless Steel stabilizing pole is provided to withstand wind speeds up to 45 mph (73 kmph).

The whole structure can be easily made to function by a single person, in conditions of complete darkness, in less than 3 minutes, making it possible to illuminate areas up to 17000 sq. ft. (1900 sq. yd.) at a level of 3 lux in the outer periphery.