Super Bowl Party Plans for EMSI

This February the EMSI team will be in Houston, TX to support various public safety and security operations.  Working with the highly specialized Nuclear Emergency Support Teams (NEST) from the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA), EMSI Emergency Management Specialist Ted Jakubowski will be deploying to Houston in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl to support NEST Preventative Radiological/Nuclear Detection (PRND) activities to ensure a safe and incident-free Super Bowl.

With twenty-plus years of experience in emergency management, Ted has worked over the last twelve years with the DOE/NNSA NEST resources, sharing his expertise and providing various emergency management and incident management support services.  As part of this National Security Special Event (NSSE) operation, Ted will work closely with the DOE/NNSA Senior Energy Official and various NEST personnel as a senior incident management advisor, assisting with interagency coordination, operational planning, resource management, and situation reporting.  EMSI has provided incident management training, preparedness, and exercise planning to DOE/NNSA since 2007.

For several years, DOE/NNSA NEST resources have provided advanced PRND support to the National Football League (NFL) and local, state, and federal agencies, as part of an integrated multiagency security and PRND operation for high-profile special events.  NNSA serves as the premier technical leader in responding to and successfully resolving nuclear and radiological threats worldwide.  NEST provides technical assistance to deal with incidents, including terrorist threats, which involve the use of nuclear materials.  NEST has been structured to address threats by domestic and foreign terrorists that may have the will and means to employ weapons of mass destruction.  NEST would assist in the identification, characterization, rendering safe, and final disposition of any nuclear weapon or radioactive device.  NNSA teams are deployed more than 100 times a year, mainly within the U.S., and most are radiological search deployments. The deployments are based on intelligence, support of law enforcement, or planned events such as the Super Bowl, the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, and the Presidential Inauguration.

EMSI’s support to the Super Bowl is yet another example of the real-world response support capabilities that EMSI can bring to bear with our extensive cadre of seasoned response and incident management professionals.  Contact us to learn more about EMSI response support services.