New Joint Information Center (JIC) Job Aid!

Continuing to provide critical emergency management performance support to responders, EMSI is proud to offer our new Joint Information Center (JIC) job aid and JIC course . The job aid and course were recently developed by Type 1 PIOs with extensive public information and joint information experience, in consultation with government and industry subject matter experts, to help define the roles and responsibilities of a JIC and the key positions that make up a JIC.
Taught by qualified Public Information Officers with extensive experience and qualifications, this course is designed for public relations and/or corporate communication professionals who may find themselves assigned to a staff position within a JIC during a response. It is intended to provide applicable guidance and best practices for anyone assuming a position within the JIC during an incident. Preparing public information personnel to serve in a JIC, our new course covers a myriad of topics, to include:
• Defining a Joint Information System and how the JIC operates within it
• Explaining the value proposition of the NRT JIC model
• Explaining how JIC positions represent specific JIC functions
• Identifying the initial response tasks and positions
• Explaining the responsibilities and function of a JIC within the ICS
• Identifying the steps for establishing information flow
• Establishing a daily routine for gathering facts for the JIC
• Explaining the purpose and key components of daily JIC briefings
• Explaining the purpose and process of demobilization
• Discussing best practices for JIC success

Consistent with EMSI’s commitment to developing and delivering the highest quality incident management training, this course includes all of the hallmark principles of EMSI training courses. Leveraging adult learning methods, this course is an instructor-led training that supports learning through discussion, lecture, and active participation in multiple activities that provide a realistic, scenario-driven approach to mastering the skills required of JIC personnel. This is a two-day course that will prepare assigned public information responders for the rigors of a real world incident.
This course was built to be compatible with our updated Public Information Officer (ICS-403) (link to ICS-403 course summary on EMSI website) course and can be offered in conjunction with the ICS-403.
Feel free to contact us regarding our exciting new products. You can order the JIC job aid or any one of our other ICS job aids exclusively at We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming course offerings, as well as continuing to evolve our products to meet your needs!