EMSI Is Now a Response Management Services Provider under Clean Gulf Associates

EMSI is proud to announce that we were recently approved by the Clean Gulf Associates (CGA) as an accepted provider of Response Management Services under the Clean Gulf Associates Services (CGAS) Preferred Response Organization (PROs) program.  CGAS created PRO as a network of highly professional oil spill response service providers to work hand-in-hand with CGAS employees during a response.

Under this program, EMSI is currently the only provider of Response Management Services.  Specific services we will provide include Incident Management Team (IMT) support such as filling actual positions, to coaching/advising IMT personnel, evaluating the performance of an IMT, and preparing comprehensive after action documents.  EMSI has an extensive cadre of some of the most qualified response management experts in the world, having served as Type 1 Area Commanders, Incident Commanders, Operations Section Chiefs, and other General Staff positions on incidents large and small, with varying levels of complexity. Our cadre additionally have national level credentials within the Incident Command System and many have held senior positions within the prestigious U.S. Coast Guard National Strike Force.

EMSI’s capability to support large-scale response efforts was demonstrated during Deepwater Horizon oil spill (Macondo) when EMSI provided nearly 100 Type 1 and Type 2 ICS qualified practitioners, with decades of experience, to serve as senior incident management advisors to the U.S. Coast Guard and their industry response partners.  The EMSI cadre of ICS practitioners is one of the largest and most experienced collections of incident management experts in the world

EMSI is also able provide an extensive array of industry leading training options for the CGA membership in order to improve response proficiencies.  Incident Command System (ICS) offerings will include system training such as ICS-100 thru ICS-400, position specific training such as Incident Commander, Operations Section Chief, and over 20 others, and team training such as ICS-220 (Initial Response Team), ICS-320 (Intermediate Response Team), and others through ICS-620 (Area Command Team) training.

Clean Gulf Associates is an oil spill response cooperative with over 100 oil and gas exploration and production members throughout the Gulf of Mexico region.  EMSI is a proud partner and welcomes the opportunity to aid in the continuous improvement and development of response operations. Learn more about what EMSI can do for your organization at www.emsics.com.