EMSI Releases Updated Area Command Course and Job Aid

EMSI continues to provide emergency management performance support to responders through the development of Incident Command System (ICS) courses and job aids. We are proud to offer our updated Area Command course and job aid! Both were recently updated to help better align with NIMS title changes, as well as incorporate updated Coast Guard Area Command forms.
Area Command Job Aid

Per the NIMS Command and Management component, the specific purposes of establishing an AC may be to:

  • Oversee the management and support of multiple incidents, and/or
  • Oversee the management and support of multiple Incident Management Teams (IMT), and/or
  • Oversee the management of large incidents that cross over jurisdictional boundaries.

Preparing members to serve in an Area Command Construct, our new course covers a multitude of topics, to include:

  • Area Command Overview and Relationships
  • Area Command Operating Cycle and ICS Tools Overview
  • Area Command & Incident Commander/Unified Command Meetings
  • Functional Responsibilities
    • AC Command Staff
    • AC Planning
    • AC Logistics
    • AC Finance
    • AC Aviation Coordinator
  • Area Command Staff Meetings
  • Area Command Management Plan
  • Individual and Team Evaluations

Consistent with EMSI’s commitment to developing and delivering the highest quality incident management training, this course includes all of the hallmark principles of EMSI training courses. Leveraging adult learning methods, this course is an instructor-led training that supports learning through discussion, lecture, and active participation in multiple activities that provide a realistic, hands-on approach to mastering the skills required of serving on an Area Command. This three-day course quickly brings attendees up to speed on AC concepts and includes a post-training exercise to ensure that members understand their roles and responsibilities, along with a copy of our new companion AC job aid.

Feel free to contact us regarding our exciting new products. You can order the AC job aid or any one of our other ICS job aids exclusively at www.imtgear.com. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming course offerings, as well as continuing to evolve our products to meet your needs!