Happy New Year from EMSI

Emsi LogoHappy New Year from EMSI! As we transition into the New Year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2015 and highlight some things to come in 2016.

First, 2015 was a great year for EMSI. Not only did we celebrate our 15 year anniversary but we launched our e-store IMTGear.com, developed new courses and products while revising and updating others, added new members to our team, and expanded our relationships with our current clients while also adding some new ones. And while we were doing this, we provided training for over 2000 responders! The way 2016 is shaping up, it looks to be another outstanding year!

Fifteen Year Anniversary
In March 2015, EMSI celebrated our 15th anniversary. Founded in 2000 by Chuck Mills, Jim Strickland, and Steve Gallegos, EMSI has grown into a global leader in the emergency management industry with unparalleled experience and expertise in the application of the Incident Command System. EMSI continues to expand our scope of services, not only in the ICS realm, but in other emergency management disciplines as well. Look for a more diverse array of training services in 2016, as well as additional exercise, response, and consulting services and solutions.

IMT Gear Logo

Consistent with our commitment to provide high quality incident management and emergency management services and solutions, EMSI also provides our clients with high quality, durable incident response gear, equipment, and materials. For over a decade, the sale of these products was through the EMSI website or over the phone, but based on your requests for an easy to use e-commerce platform, we launched IMT Gear in September 2015. With the launch of IMTGear.com came the release of the IMT Gear Pro Series Mesh Vest. This is a unique design by EMSI and IMT Gear consisting of a breathable, lightweight mesh with a zipper front closure, durable webbing reinforcement, cargo and pencil pockets, reflective trim, and breathable interchangeable position titles. We have already filled orders for hundreds of these vests!

EMSI and IMT Gear are authorized distributors for M.L. Kishigo, Rite in the Rain, and Prism Lighting. In 2016, we will continue to add products to IMT Gear and grow the store. Be sure to check back frequently for new offers and deals.

Revisions, Updates, and New Developments
EMSI remains committed to offering the highest quality and most current training courses and support products to our clients. Consistent with this commitment, we released updates to two of our flagship courses in 2015: ICS-320 Intermediate Incident Management Team and ICS-410 Advanced Incident Commander.

In July, EMSI delivered a custom designed, two day Advanced Safety Officer Workshop for a railroad industry client. Taking their Emergency Response Team members, who were already trained and seasoned Safety Officers, this workshop delved deeper into the role of the Safety Officer in using the ICS framework to contribute to the overall successful response to an incident. Based on the success of this workshop we developed a formal Advanced Safety Officer training course to complement our existing ICS-404 Safety Officer course.

In the fall, we developed a new Qualified Individual course. Available for delivery effective January 1, this course not only covers the requirements outlined in 33 CFR Sec. 154.1026 (facility QI) and 33 CFR 155.1026 (vessel QI), but it covers the roles and responsibilities of a Qualified Individual in an ICS organization. The course is supported by our new Qualified Individual job aid, which is now available through IMTGear.com.communications unit leader job aid

  • Towards the end of 2015, we began a significant update to our Public Information Officer (PIO) course and development of a brand new Joint Information Center (JIC) course. Both courses are supported by job aids now available, (an updated PIO job aid and a new JIC job aid) and will be available for delivery as early as March 1. Finally, we completed the much anticipated Communications Unit Leader job aid which is now available through IMTGear.com.

EMSI Website, Blog, and Newsletter
Towards the end of 2015, we began an overhaul and update to our EMSI website. Not only does the EMSI website have a new look and feel, but it has a considerable amount of new content. One of the more popular features is our History of the Incident Command System (ICS). This piece is intended to give a comprehensive overview of the development and implementation of ICS since FIRESCOPE, examining both U.S. and international adoption. We are not aware of a more thorough document detailing ICS history and welcome any contributions you may have. Additionally, our updated website includes more Responder Resources, a Glossary of Emergency Management terms, and a Blog. The EMSI Blog will be update regularly throughout the year, so check back on a frequent basis for new articles. And our newsletter, which in the past has been distributed quarterly, will now be delivered every two months.

New Team Members
Finally, we would like to highlight some of the new members of our team including:
Brandon Brewer
Dave Fritz
Paul Rhynard
Mary Ann Syzmoniak
Brandon and Paul are retired U.S. Coast Guard officers with tremendous experience in public information and joint information systems. Mary Ann is retired from the U.S. Forest Service, where she served as the National Incident Business Practices Program Manager at the National Interagency Fire Center. Finally, Dave Fritz comes to EMSI after a long and successful career in the oil and gas industry. Dave is an oil spill response expert and an industry recognized expert in the Environmental Unit. EMSI is excited to welcome these new members to the team!We look forward to working with you in 2016!

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