ICS-200 Basic Incident Command System

Course Overview

ICS-200 enables responders to operate efficiently and effectively during an incident or event within the Incident Command System (ICS). Focusing on the management of single resources, ICS-200 builds upon knowledge gained from ICS-100 to assist responders who are likely to assume a supervisory position within the Incident Command System.

Specific Course Topics

  • Leadership & Management
  • Delegation of Authority & Management by Objectives
  • Functional Areas & Positions
  • Briefings
  • Organizational Flexibility
  • Transfer of Command

Target Audience

Response personnel at the supervisory level.


Duration: Two days (16 hours)

Pre-requisite (recommended)

Successful completion of ICS-100

This Course may be Taught in Conjunction With


  • FEMA/EMI IS-200
  • NWCG I-200