ICS-400 Advanced Incident Command System

Course Overview

ICS-400 provides training and resources for responders who require advanced application of the ICS by providing overall incident management skills rather than tactical expertise. Expanding upon information covered in ICS-100 through ICS-300 courses, ICS-400 emphasizes large-scale organizational development, roles and relationships of the command and general staff, and planning, operational, logistical, and fiscal considerations related to large and complex incident and event management. The course also describes the application of Area Command and the importance of interagency coordination on complex incidents and events.

Specific Course Topics

  • Fundamentals review for Command and General Staff
  • Major and/or Complex Incident/Event Management
  • Area Command
  • Multiagency Coordination (MAC)

Target Audience

Responders who will serve as command or general staff in an ICS organization, select department heads with multi-agency coordination system responsibilities, area commanders, emergency managers, and multi-agency coordination system/emergency operations center managers for expanding or Type 3 incidents.


Duration: Two days  (14-16 hours) 


Successful completion of ICS-300 


  • FEMA/EMI E/L/G0400
  • NWCG I-400
  • USCG ICS-400