Incident Management Team Leadership

Course Overview

EMSI’s Incident Management Team (IMT) Leadership course is our version of the NWCG L-481 course.  Intended for Type 2 Incident Management Team personnel, this course builds upon the EMSI Organizational Leadership course and covers topics that strengthen the collective capabilities of an IMT when faced with complex incident management challenges.  The course covers integration of human performance and incident management acumen at the strategic level, focusing on the Command and General Staff (C&G) as a functional and integrated team.  Students are expected to have considerable incident management experience.

Specific Course Topics

  • Team Value Systems
  • Command Climate and Command Presence
  • Team Culture
  • Team-Level Common Operating Picture
  • Developing and Communicating Leaders Intent throughout the Organization
  • Critical Thinking
  • Decisional Framework
  • Sense-Making
  • Intent-Based Incident Action Planning
  • Effective Application of the Incident Command System
  • Team Interactions and Interdependencies

Target Audience

Incident Management Team personnel


Four or Five Days (32-40 hours)

Pre-requisite (recommended)


  • NWCG L-481