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Full-Scale and Table-Top Exercises to Enhance Readiness
EMSI offers a wide range of training to meet your incident management and emergency management needs.  With nationally recognized practitioners and instructors, we offer the highest quality available.  We specialize in developing and delivering scenario...
Exercises play an important role in preparing organizations to respond to emergency situations.  They offer an opportunity to test and evaluate policies, plans, procedures, and overall capabilities, while identifying areas for improvement.  A well-designed exercise...
With a vast and diverse network of experienced and seasoned subject matter experts representing a wide array of emergency management disciplines, EMSI is well positioned to assist your organization with expert emergency management consulting services. ...
We have compiled public documents and resources for your use. Please use these documents to support your response efforts. See how EMSI's services and products can help your incident management team get on track.

Latest News

EMSI Releases Updated Area Command Course and Job Aid
EMSI Releases Updated Area Command Course and Job Aid
EMSI continues to provide emergency management performance support to responders through the development of Incident Command System (ICS) courses and job aids. We are proud...
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Stop By and Say Hi to EMSI and URTA at the APPA Conference
Stop By and Say Hi to EMSI and URTA at the APPA Conference
Are you attending the American Public Power Association (APPA) Conference in New Orleans right now?  Be sure to stop by and visit the EMSI and...
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A Comprehensive Review of Staging Areas
A Comprehensive Review of Staging Areas
Recognized as a critical element of the Incident Command System, Staging Areas are established to maintain a ready reserve of tactical resources and operational overhead...
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About EMSI

Emergency Management Services International, Inc. and EMSI Canada Ventures Inc. Logo

EMSI is a premier all-hazards, full-service, multi-discipline incident management and emergency management services and solutions provider. We specialize in multiple aspects of incident management and emergency management including:





Comprised of national and international all-risk, all-hazard response experts, EMSI’s seasoned cadre gives us a unique background and perspective in dealing with incident and responder needs at every level of government and industry, to include the international community.  Since inception in 2000, EMSI has played a major role in helping government and industry clients alike, prepare, train, and respond to emergencies of any cause or size.  EMSI has proven experience in helping various local, state, national, international, and private sector entities with their incident management and emergency management programs.

In addition to being a full-service incident management and emergency management company, EMSI is a global leader in the application of the Incident Command System (ICS) for all-risk, all-hazard, multi-discipline incidents.  Our ICS related services include ICS training development and delivery, ICS-themed exercises, ICS coaching, and response.  Our reputation as a premier ICS training provider is second to none.

Founded by members of the original FIRESCOPE Task Force that developed ICS in the 1970s, EMSI has played a part in ICS’s development from its earliest inception. From the beginning, members of our staff were involved in the original implementation of ICS during that time, as well as the continued evolution of ICS from a predominantly fire based system in Southern California to a national and international, all-risk, all-hazard model.  It is our unique knowledge of the design intent and flexibility of ICS that allows us to assist in applying it to any situation without compromising or breaking the system. A core mission of EMSI is to enhance ICS across the broad spectrum of responders in every organization and level while preparing those responders for an incident.

Throughout the years, our dedicated cadre has demonstrated exceptional ICS and incident management backgrounds. Functioning as Area Commanders, Incident Commanders, and other Command and General Staff positions on Type 1 National Incident Management Teams, our cadre has managed large, all-risk, all-hazard incidents throughout the United States.  Our experience demonstrates that we are not only expert practitioners but are proven incident leaders.  Not only does EMSI bring decades of ICS and incident management knowledge to our clients, but we bring intangible leadership skills experience.

Recognized by the federal government as industry experts, a majority of our staff have taught ICS and various other incident management and incident leadership topics at nationally recognized training centers including the National Advanced Resource Technology Center (NARTC), the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA), National Fire Academy (NFA), the Emergency Management Institute (EMI), and the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Training Centers. Additionally, several cadre members currently serve as members on national and international Incident Management Teams.

EMSI cadre have responded to thousands of incidents, using ICS and leading responders on both large and small scale incidents, ranging from natural disasters to urban fire and rescue and wildland fire incidents, to oil, chemical, biological, radiological, public health, environmental, and terrorism incidents, as well as special events.  EMSI personnel have been involved in the management of nearly every major incident for the last 25 years including:

  • World Trade Center Bombing (1992)

  • Oklahoma City Bombing (1995)

  • 9/11 Terror Attacks (2001)

  • Anthrax at the Capital (2001)

  • Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster (2003)

  • Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (2005)

  • Deepwater Horizon (2010)

  • Japan Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster (2011)

  • Hurricane Sandy (2012).

For nearly nine months during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, EMSI served as the official ICS and incident management advisors to the U.S. Coast Guard and their response partners, providing nearly fifty Type 1 and Type 2 qualified personnel at one time to the Area Command in Louisiana, the Incident Command Posts in Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida, and the Forward Operating Bases throughout the Gulf.

It is this response expertise that not only makes our cadre expert practitioners, but also outstanding instructors.  Our training services are widely acknowledged among our clients as superior for the incorporation of realistic and relevant scenarios in an activity centric adult learning environment.

EMSI is committed to providing expert services across the incident management and emergency management spectrum to further our clients’ preparedness to respond.  Contact us today to find out how we can help your organization prepare for planned and unexpected events in your world.