EMSI 20th Anniversary

EMSI is pleased to announce that we are celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2020. Founded in 2000, EMSI continues to provide innovative incident management and emergency management solutions to our diverse range of national and international clients.

Throughout 2020, we will mark this milestone with a “Did You Know?” campaign highlighting unique EMSI facts and interesting nuggets of information that may have been lost in EMSI history. We will share these facts through our social media accounts, notably Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. We encourage you to follow us on social media and, more importantly, “like” our weekly “Did You Know?” postings because each week we will select one follower who liked the post for a FREE job aid of their choice.

Stay tuned for more from EMSI, including IMT Gear sales and special blog features, as we celebrate 20 years of service to our clients.