New Media Response Workshop Offers Unique “Day 1” Response Training Opportunity

EMSI and Sam Sacco, of Strategy & Communications, have teamed up to create a training program that combines both the operations and media elements of a Day 1 response. The program, called ICS-201/ Media Response Workshop, provides interactive training that offers participants the opportunity to hone both the ICS and the media response skills essential to an effective initial response. Co-instructors are Gary Seidel, former LA Fire Department Chief Officer and an EMSI ICS specialist, and Mr. Sacco, a spill response crisis communications expert with nearly 25 years of experience.

The training is conducted as a workshop with customized scenarios to enhance learning. The workshop includes dividing the group into initial response teams using ICS; completing an ICS-201 form based on an assigned scenario and corresponding issues; and, conducting an ICS-201 briefing. The media component includes responding to simulated media queries; on-camera interviews; and conducting a simulated Unified Command news conference. Up to 15 students can participate in the day-long class. Student participants recommended for the training are those who would likely fill the following positions: Incident Commander, Operations Section Chief, Planning Section Chief, Public Information Officer and Safety Officer.

“Getting it right on Day 1 is critical to a successful response,” said Ron Cantin, EMSI president. “This workshop offers students the opportunity to address both the operational and external issues that could confront an initial response. The program’s interactive format allows the group to learn from each other as well as from the instructors, while also providing a safe learning environment that is both challenging and realistic.”

For more information on the ICS-201/Media Response Workshop, please contact EMSI at (540)423-9004.

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