New Web-Based ICS-100 Course in Norway Through Partnership with Proactima

Looking for Incident Command System (ICS) training in Norway?  Look no further than the Proactima-EMSI web-based ICS-100 course now available through Proactima’s e-learning system.

Since 2016, EMSI and Proactima have partnered to deliver incident management solutions to the Scandinavian community.  A collaborative effort, EMSI and Proactima worked closely to ensure that the new course continued to meet industry standards for ICS-100 training, while also considering the Scandinavian operating environment.  We believe that this new offering will enable Nordic industries to continue their response preparedness efforts.

Proactima is proud to be the first Norwegian company to launch an ICS e-learning course.  “We have adapted the course to Scandinavian conditions which makes the course extra attractive”, says Trygve Eeg Tunes, Head of Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Communication at Proactima.

“With Proactima we have found a trusted training partner and look forward to more Proactima-EMSI ICS training offerings”, added EMSI Vice President of Operations Billy Haley.

The course covers the standard ICS-100 training concepts, including:

  • Basic principles and structure of ICS.
  • Common terminology.
  • ICS Command and General Staff functions.
  • Unified Command.
  • Incident facilities.

Currently offered in English, the Proactima team intends to offer it in Norwegian in the near future. This course is exclusively available through Proactima’s training portal at:

EMSI has previously delivered ICS training in Norway, including ICS-300 (Intermediate ICS or ICS for Expanding Incidents) and Incident Management Team training (ICS-320), as well as position-specific ICS training for the following functions:

Collaborative development between EMSI and Proactima on a web-based ICS-200 course (Basic ICS or ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents) is underway and the course will be released soon.

Proactima is a Norwegian company specializing in risk management; national security; and health, safety, and environmental (HSE) management.  Founded in 2003, Proactima has completed a number of projects in the oil and gas, transport, maritime, public, banking, and insurance sectors. 

EMSI works with a wide range of government and private sector entities on an international basis. Our goal is to provide customized and tailored services and support that enhance the capabilities of our clients. We are proud of our relationships with our clients and the partnerships we build with them.

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